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Merge pictures: This is how you put photos together for free

If you want to put pictures together and make a collage out of photos, you can either use special collage software, one of the popular ones

The common smartphone apps are best suited for appealing collages if you want to combine several pictures and save them as one picture. For experienced graphic editors, the common programs such as Photoshop, GIMP and Co. are also suitable. Few people know that the free graphics viewer IrfanView has an easy-to-use function with which you can compare photos at lightning speed.

Smartphone app: put photos together and create collages

There are tons of apps for Android phones and iPhones that you can use to create collages. Many are free but ad-supported, others offer in-app purchases to work fully.

If you like it simple and usually share your pictures in social media apps anyway, you will like “Layout from Instagram”.

This app is ad-free, costs nothing and is intuitive to use. You simply open your gallery view in the app, mark a few pictures and select the layout above. In the next step, you can exchange and mirror the images, then save your finished work and send it or share it in some other way.

The app is available for Android and iPhone – you don’t need to have an Instagram account to use it.

Note: Sometimes you need to convert images from one format to another (eg webp to jpg). The online converter MiConv will help you.

On the PC: Quickly join images together

For this method, you only need the Windows freeware program IrfanView. This is a very powerful graphics viewer and converter that also offers a few editing functions. This also includes “special insertion”.

So you can put photos together in IrfanView:

  1. Opens any image in IrfanView.
  2. First press the keys Ctrl + A to select the entire image. Then press the Ctrl + C keys to transfer it to the clipboard.
  3. Now another picture opens.
  4. Click in the “Edit” menu at the bottom on “Special paste” and then select where the picture from the clipboard should be placed next to the current picture. You can choose to append to the right or left, up or down.
  5. If that’s enough, save the merged image. Otherwise, mark it again with Ctrl + A, then transfer it to the clipboard with Ctrl + V and open another picture.

The practical thing is that the image from the clipboard is automatically adjusted to the height or width of the current image. But that also means that if you want to join a square picture with four individual photos, you first have to put two pictures next to each other and save them. Then you repeat that with the other two pictures. Finally, you put these pictures on top of each other.

Put together collages from pictures with a graphics program

If you are reasonably fit in your graphics program, you can also make collages and combine pictures there. However, this is the most complicated of the three methods.

First, you create a new picture, roughly the same size as the final picture. It is good to know in advance what dimensions the original images have.

Then you open the other pictures and copy them one after the other to the clipboard.

Each time you switch to your empty picture and gradually insert the pictures from the clipboard as a new layer.

Positions the individual pieces of the collage to save everything as one composite image in the end.

There are also other methods in which you mark a selection on your work surface and then insert the other images into the selection. If there is a change in size, you have to adjust the pictures.

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