Retouching Photographs to Achieve Natural Beauty

The average photographer takes many great photographs. But sometimes, photos have imperfections that are out of the photographer’s control. Factors such as bad weather, ugly backgrounds, and reflections can impair a final photo. This is why using a digital editor is very important. It takes an imperfect photograph and improves composition, displays a better vision, and delivers well on the client’s remit. Some may assume that retouching just involves touching up skin blemishes for projects such as billboard ads, but there’s more involved with the retouching process.

Outdoor Photography

For instance, think about photos that are taken of models during outdoor shoots. They take advantage of a natural light source, which is the sun. Because of this source, light levels change all during the day. These changes greatly impact the final photo.

The photographer not only has to constantly change the camera position, but also the model position to utilize the best natural light during the day. Unfortunately, certain factors such as a changing light source make it almost impossible to get perfect final shots.

Retouching Outdoor Photographs to Get Better Clarity

Photographs from such outdoor shoots require retouching in order to remove unsightly reflections from glass windows. There are also pictures that require retouching because of a fading light source. Retouching helps make the model stand apart from the background. The luminance in these photographs is changed by using a black and white layer, which increases the soft light balance. This type of retouch also changes how the background looks overall.

Making the Model Look Better in the Photograph

Imperfections such as wrinkles and blemishes are eliminated by using artist tools like Adobe Photoshop. Software packages like this can slim down the face, remove freckles, brighten the skin, change hair color or remove bad sunglass reflections.

The Adobe Photoshop software package can also add things to make the model look better. For instance, add cute tattoos on the neck, change the makeup technique or add more cheek color. These are all things that can be done to enhance the final photo.


Photo-realism is very important when it comes to the final photo. Different methods are used to retouch photos so that fashion models not only look beautiful but also natural. Anything that looks unnatural has to be cleaned up or retouched. Without the proper retouch, it could ruin the entire picture and perception that the photographer wants to present to the public.

Yes, the final photo might look better than the original one, but it still has to impress the human eye. It must look natural. The retouching process has failed when a final photo does not pass this very important test.

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